C. W. Organ Building
50 Jahre
Claudius Winterhalter

Our organ building workshop is located directly above the church in Oberharmersbach. The main part of the church was erected in the 1960s. The construction was divided into three phases in order to meet the requirements of today's organ building.
All the equipment that is essential for guaranteeing a smooth work program are grouped together around the central pew area.
The workshop is optimally laid out in a clear and concise manner to allow for better efficiency in processing and treating our precious organ wood.
In the rear, calmer area of the workshop, “Pipe booths” and “harmonization” create the important sound area.
With a space of approx. 750 m3, hoisting equipment, a stock gallery and work gallery, the assembly room is ideal for all projects, regardless of size.

A planning office that acts as a think tank, an administrative office, a room for tailoring organ leather and sealing materials, a screw and small parts warehouse and last but not least, an “inspection chamber” complete the décor.
For safety reasons, we have set up our metal working and iron forging outside of the wood workshop.