C. W. Organ Building
50 Jahre
Claudius Winterhalter

As a basic principle, we prefer using air-dried domestic woods or woods of central European origin. The one traditional, exotic exception is African ebony.

Our stock that we began to accumulate 20 years ago is comprised of 130 - 150 m³ of the best quality solid wood.

Oak for the case construction, wind chest, bellows, wind ducts, upper boards, wooden pipes, supports and framework
Mountain Fir for wooden pipes, keyboards and trackers
Field cherry and pear wood for wooden pipes
Hornbeam for key actions and action components
Maple for rackboards.
“Riegelahorn”, a special domestic maple for console systems
White pine for board pads
Ebony for manual cheeks, key coverings and slider bottoms

Walnut, box wood, wild cherry, chestnut, red beech and limewood for restoration work, extensions, reconstructions and special requests.