C. W. Organ Building
50 Jahre

Mr. Winterhalter is one of the best Organ Builders I know. If I may, I would also like to add an anecdote that Jon Laukvik, who inaugurated the Winterhalter organ in Böblingen during my studies, once told me in class that this is the best new organ that he has played on it years.
Thomas Dahl, St. Petri Hamburg

This is the best organ restoration I have ever seen. A convincing sound concept. A fabulous key action…
Christoph Schöner

A wonderful instrument!
Jon Laukvik

I had the joyful pleasure of performing in concert on the Winterhalter organ in the Böblinger Stadtkirche. It was a great pleasure to bring the works of Bach and Mendelssohn to sound on this splendid instrument: Behind a visually pleasing and optically light brochure, there is a shining principal plenum of the major works with late baroque charm, flutes full of character - the spectrum goes from a warm, full wooden 8' flute to a singing 4' traverse flute and a light 4' pointed flute up to a marvelously animated 2' flageolet - and the exceptionally colorful reeds; in particular, the attractive 8' clarinets stands out- admirable, as Silbermann would have loved it - a very versatile 8' oboe in the swell (whether as romantic contrast or as solo register), the 16' trombone as a grave foundation completely in the sense of Bach or the wonderful Baroque 8' reeds from the main work and pedal with their distinguished Noblesse. The aliquot voices are also enriching: Here, the colorful Baroque splendor shimmers in the Southern German art of zestful living. Outstandingly intonated strings discretely lead us into the sound world of the 19th century. And all this is possible to play with a sensible and best-created key action.
The Böblinger Stadtkirchen organ is a masterpiece at its best!
Matthias Grünert, Frauenkirche Dresden